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Inside Worthy Bias Training

Extensive research has shown that individuals act in biased ways regardless of explicitly believing that prejudice and discrimination are wrong. So it is not surprising that courses such as diversity and inclusion make up a significant portion of an organisation's HR programs for staff and managers.


However at Financial Wellbeing we have identified an unconscious bias that is both recognised and understood, but much less acknowledged by organisations, staff and practitioners ... and that is worthy bias. Worthy Bias can be defined as the tendency to prioritise delivery of service provision to clients that are more engaged, available or compliant to the practitioner's or service's treatments, facilities or assistance programs. As such client's deemed 'less engaged' but no less deserving, fall through the cracks from receiving much needed support and assistance.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Article 1. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

To support organisations, their employees, practitioners and clients we have developed Worthy Bias Training, a highly engaging program that promotes a more resilient, motivated, compassionate and happy workforce, as well as improving service and treatment delivery for clients.


The purpose of this course is to raise awareness of both unconscious and cognitive worthy bias and its impact on workplace decision making, programs, policies and procedures, as well a promote cognitive and behavioral change, for the benefit of clients. 

 What you will Learn

  • To recognise the prevalence and impact of worthy bias

  • take action to reduce worthy bias in the workplace

  • Understand the tenets of Unconditional Positive Regard and its role in the worker/client relationship


Short Program: This training is suitable for all employees, including senior managers, supervisors, team leaders and client facing  staff.

Long Program: This training suits managers and team leaders seeking to increase their skills in the area of unconscious and cognitive worthy bias, best practice and inclusive leadership.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the training, participants should be able to:

  • Establish a link between worthy bias and its impact on service provision delivery

  • Understand the link between worth bias and person centred care

  • Develop an enhanced appreciation of the worthy bias and prevalence of bias

  • Become familiar with frameworks for identifying, addressing and reducing worthy bias in employee task orientation and service delivery


A dedicated facilitator is assigned to groups of up to six participants. This ensures a comprehensive and supportive frame work to achieve learning outcomes by participants

  • The training includes practical exercises, facilitator-led discussions and group activities 

  • Including self-reflection exercises and small group inquiries

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Details of Worthy Bias Training


  • Short Program – 4 hours of delivery

  • Long Program – 8 hours of delivery


  • Face to Face 

  • Virtual format 

  • Minimum Group Size  – 6 People

  • Maximum Group Size – Please contact us to discuss your requirements


  • Short Program – first 6 participants – $1,500.00 +GST

  • Short Program – additional facilitator fee at $700.00 +GST – per each additional group of up to six participants

  • Long Program – first 6 participants – $2,500.00 +GST

  • Lomg Program – additional facilitator fee at $900.00 +GST – for each additional group of up to six participants