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We often long for abundance in life, particularly financially. But if we inquire a little deeper into that longing, we can see that it is filled with a desire for ...

• safety and security • a sense of empowerment • a sense freedom and a desire to expand our life • a feeling of fullness • an embodied capability • a longing for stability • a need to feel grounded and to feel we have got what it takes to fulfill our needs and wants.  

So just imagine, if you had all that going on and more ... inside of you. All the qualities described above, as an embodied sense of YOU!

"The source of all abundance is not outside of you. It's a part of who you are." -  Eckhart Tolle

True Abundance is a facilitated retreat (currently online). At True Abundance you will reconnect with the powerful, grounded and expansive you, not just as a mental concept, but right in your body, in your heart and in the fire in your belly. Making you feel very ready and capable to have more of everything ... including abundance. You will discover your unique judgments and beliefs that stop you from fully stepping into your power and taking a bigger piece of the pie for your life. You will discover aspects of yourself that you have long longed for, remembering that they were there inside of you all the time. You will be working in small groups, with plenty of time for your personal discoveries and ultimately transformation with highly trained, skilled and compassionate psychotherapists. True Abundance is lead by Jane Monica-Jones, and includes facilitated sharings, guided meditations and group exercises.

Session 01 - Grounded & Solid  

The contemplation of more abundance, tries to placate that anxious part of ourselves that feels uncertain, worried, insecure in our ability to truly and confidently thrive in our life.

What you will gain...

In the first session we will be uncovering what is blocking our innate sense of feeling grounded, certain and internally supported. The quality that has an unwavering commitment to perseverance and persistence, with grace. From this session you will gain an inner agency that feels confident to act in your own best interest and the ability to meet challenges with centred authority, without the need to be pushy, struggle or with a lot effort. The felt sense experienced in this session is "Yes! I have got what it takes!"

"All that you seek is already within you." -  Ram Dass

Session 02 - Expanded & Strong

Again the contemplation of abundance, stirs in us a longing for a more expanded and bigger life. Where we feel courageous and capable enough to instigate and follow our passion, fire, goals and dreams.

What you will gain...

In this session we will break through and let go of old conditioned beliefs and self concepts that keep us feeling small, collapsed and contracted, instead you will feel very strong and able to face challenges head on. From this session you will feel an ignition for your life, that feels vital, vibrant and passionate, that make you want to act, expand and break through. The felt sense experienced in this session is "Yes! I am the fire that fuels me!"

Session 03 - Powerful & at Peace

Further contemplating what sits behind our wish for abundance is the longing to feel potent, powerful, immense and unlimited. So that we gain a sense of mastery and inner authority that works as a guiding force to optimise our financial decisions and outcomes.

What you will gain...

In the final session an embodied sense of absolute power will descend upon you that is both calm, still and luminously alive. This contact with true power is without the need to control, be willful or domineering. Instead it is a peaceful core that eliminates self-doubt, agitation, frustration and emanates peace, silence and personal power and potential. The felt sense experienced in this session is "Yes! I know with certainty!"

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• Meditation

• Teachings

• Self-reflection exercises

• Facilitated support and guidance

We will be using zoom breakout rooms as well as a group share. This will be an opportunity for you to explore and gain further insight about your unique relationship with money with others, in a safe and confidential setting.

This is a live (online) course and recordings of sessions will not be available.

True Abundance course is a supportive and compassionately designed program.

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Key Dates & Costs of True Abundance

Saturday 14 November, Saturday 21 November, Saturday  28 November

10am - 1pm (Sydney, Australia time)

Earlybird Price: $280 (ends 14 October, 2020)

Full Price: $370

Discounts available for those that have already purchased a Money Mindfulness course

Students and those in need: $150



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