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How to Stop Sabotaging your Financial Goals

Finally free yourself from this deeply destructive behaviour!


In this two-part interactive online class, leading Financial Therapist and author Jane Monica-Jones guides us through how we uniquely sabotage our financial well-being. Through this supportive and compassionately designed course you will discover and work with the Financial Saboteur, a survival archetype that we all struggle with to varying degrees, which very often messes up our financial lives! In this course you will identify your own self-sabotaging patterns and behaviours and learn how to dramatically rework these to create lasting change ... and more importantly financial change.

Your will learn 


• To understand the effects the Financial Saboteur has on both our self esteem and sense of self-worth, and how it is always ready to take us down

• How the Financial Saboteur wreaks havoc on our financial lives and best laid plans and how to identify its strategies before we go down repeated behavioural paths

• How uncovering what our Financial Saboteur is really trying to teach us, will transform not only ourselves and money, but also our lives

• The ways is which you block your own empowerment and financial success

• How to identify what our Financial Saboteur is doing to block, hinder or undermine change or us progressing forward

• How to identify what is stopping us from more empowered change in our life

• The key to the understanding the unique Financial Saboteur's hold on you, and how you deal with money

• How to identify your unique sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and behaviours and how to use these as profound tools for financial security

• How to create meaningful and lasting change in your financial life

• How to identify exactly what sabotaging strategies you use, either unconsciously or consciously and learn simple strategies to change or stop them

• How to identify your unique triggers that appear just before you sabotage your finances such as over-spending, not managing your money, being unable save, feel frozen to take measured risk or under-earn


What you will gain

• Stronger personal boundaries

• Improved self-esteem

• How to truly act in your own best financial interest

• Profound sense of self-compassion

• Tools to stop any self-destructive behavior

• An embodied sense of empowerment that works, for example, in asking for a raise, setting boundaries with others and money, or the deeply felt capability to build or start that business


• Teaching & Theory

• Self-reflection exercises

• Small group inquiries

• Partner inquiries

• Group discussions

We will be using zoom breakout rooms for the small group and partner inquiries. This will be an opportunity for you to discuss and gain further insight with others about the universal Financial Saboteur.

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