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Being authentic or congruent with our desires, beliefs and values can very often be challenged by the pressures and expectations of providing for ourselves financially. As such we may feel pushed to comprise some of our passion, values or at worst our integrity just to survive. But what if there was another way? A way that we could work, earn and invest in a way that felt deeply authentic to who we truly are, keeping our values and sense of authenticity ... and thrive financially? 

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” - Carl Gustav Jung

Welcome to Authentic Wealth a facilitated workshop (currently online). At Authentic Wealth you will rediscover how you can be totally aligned with what you stand for, are passionate about, be your authentic self AND have that reflected in how you earn and transact in the world.

ASK YOUR SELF, have you ever ...

  • Sold out on what you really wanted to do or become, so that you could just survive

  • Sacrificed personal values to stay in a circumstance that offered a sense of financial security, either professional or personally

  • Not spoken up because you felt you may risk your financial stability

  • Followed the pot of gold over the passion that sits within you, at the very core of your being

  • Worked in a job that has effected your sense of self-esteem or sense of self-worth, and are your still working in that job today

  • Said to yourself 'Is this all I am worth?' or 'I am worth so much more' but don't know how to change that

  • Felt that there was a greater purpose to your life, than working to just pay the bills

  • Wanted to follow your hopes and dreams but felt pressured to tread the road well traveled

Just imagine thriving financially because of who you are and not what you feel you should 'have to do'. What if all the steps in your earning and financial journey, both good and bad were in fact the building blocks and teaching tools YOU needed to learn, in order for YOU to thrive. That all of the obstacles, challenges and road blocks that you have ever experienced around you and money, have the KEYS inside of them, for you to gain what ever you wish for financially and it feels graceful and guided to attain. This is a ground breaking course, this is Authentic Wealth!

“We must use money in order to study ourselves as we are and as we can become.” - Jacob Needleman

Session 01 -   

Session 02 - Grounded & Solid  

Session 03 - Grounded & Solid  

The contemplation of more abundance, tries to placate that anxious part of ourselves that feels uncertain, worried, insecure in our ability to truly and confidently thrive in our life.

This 3 part course, is Carl Jung's heroes journey for your finances. 

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