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Financial wellbeing means we have control over our day-to-day finances, have the capacity to absorb a financial shock, are on track to meet our financial goals; and have the financial freedom to make the choices that allow us to trully enjoy life. Of course the above statement is the ideal, but at Financial Wellbeing we understand that this may not be how people are really operating - in the comfort of their own bank balances. 

We provide inspiring training programs, online course and workshops to achieve true financial wellbeing no matter where you are starting from.

As organisations recognise the need to support the total well-being of their employees, financial wellbeing has become a key pillar for increased job satisfaction and performance.

Our financial wellbeing programs are at the forefront of Australian workforce benefits.

We understand that many clients of community organisations have issues of financial instability and financial exclusion, that continues to exacerbate their quality of life. As such we have designed financial programs that are sensitive to clients existing needs.

Our Schools Financial Wellbeing programs, gives students a head start in understanding the importance of money management, borrowing, earning power and types of investments. Plus practical tools and information on the occasional pits fall of dealing with money.

Money Mental Health Cards are designed to be used by individuals or as conversation-building tools between a professional and a client, or between colleagues, friends or coaching group members.

  • Money Mindfulness

  • Money Neuroscience

  • Financial Wellbeing

  • Money Psychology

  • Money and the Nervous System

  • + Money Mic Drop cards  reflections to promote curiosity and financial wellness.

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Research shows financial knowledge (financial literacy) and experience make up about 9% of what make us good at managing and multiplying our money.


The same research says that psychological and behavioural factors make up the majority of what make us be good at managing money at around 61%. It is not surprising that people more that just financial literacy to support their financial wellbeing. Support that goes beyond knowledge budgets and investment products.

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