Financial wellbeing
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Financial wellbeing means we have control over our day-to-day finances, have the capacity to absorb financial shock, and are on track to meet our financial goals. Plus have the financial freedom to make the choices that allow us to truly enjoy life.


We provide Employee Benefits, Workforce Development and Client Services & Resources to promote financial capability and wellbeing.

Financial wellbeing

Our financial wellbeing programs are at the forefront of  employees benefits. Support the total wellbeing of your employees and increase job satisfaction and performance.

Empower your employees to improve client financial wellbeing. Our workforce devolopment programs upskill employees to increase client financial capability and agency.

Financial wellbeing
Financial wellbeing

Lead the field by offering clients evidence based, psychology backed, innovative financial wellbeing resources, services and courses.  

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Research shows financial knowledge (financial literacy) and experience make up about 9% of what make us good at managing and multiplying our money.


The same research says that psychological and behavioural factors make up the majority of what make us be good at managing money at around 61%. It is not surprising that people want more than just financial literacy to support their financial wellbeing. Support that goes beyond knowledge, budgets and investment products.

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World Class Courses

Our signature Financial Wellbeing Series online courses are featured on both Go1 and Blisspot. The largest and most comprehensive learning and development platforms in the world. 

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